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We’re taking health care to the next level with a variety of innovative products and services.  Whether it’s our patented Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII)™ system or any of our other cutting-edge diagnostic products or services, CHI is poised to deliver the next generation of health care solutions for not only the medical community, but for you and your family.

Our strength lies not only in our research and innovation, but an exceptionally strong network of world-class partners. Join us as we revolutionize health by…Connecting Health Innovations!


W H O  W E  A R E

CHI was founded in 2013 as a spinoff from the University of South Carolina to focus on leveraging the work spearheaded by Harvard-educated Dr. James Hébert on the effects of inflammatory diets on health in the commercial markets.  Dr. Hébert is the inventor of the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII™) and through our company, offers a growing variety of products and services to combat dietary inflammation and improve health and wellness.

To this end, our goal is to reduce chronic inflammation and improve overall health for the entire world’s population.  As such, we are developing a suite of proprietary tools to educate health providers about the epidemic of inflammation and help individuals make better decisions about food.

While there are many sources of information regarding dietary inflammation, CHI is THE ONLY company to offer evidence based and peer reviewed research on the subject.  In other words, CHI is the DEFINITIVE RESOURCE for information about dietary inflammation and its effects on the body and society as a whole.

W H A T   W E   D O

CHI’s suite of products and services are designed to deliver education and content that help clinicians diagnose and patients reduce diet-induced inflammation, improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Our Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII)™ focuses on how food effects the body, not what is in the food! Our proprietary products include:

IMAGINE™ (DII-Based Inflammatory Reduction Counseling System): IMAGINE™ (Inflammation MAnaGement INtErvention) is our flagship counseling system developed by CHI to assist patients with practical tools and incentives to reduce inflammation in their diets & chronic illness risks. Classes incorporate components of physical activity and stress reduction. Patients also have access to online tools which further enhance their experience.

DII on Demand™: An in-depth, online food frequency questionnaire that generates a more comprehensive DII™ Score calculated by CHI scientists. Users receive a personalized report that includes their DII Score, dietary recommendations and next steps for reducing the inflammatory potential of one’s diet.

The DII Screener: A free mobile app which allows patients to screen themselves for inflammatory diets based on about 25 questions and designed to identify potentially pro-inflammatory diets.

Select Potential Future Products Include: A DII™ “Seal of Approval” program, DII™ Medicinal foods, DII™ food labeling, Children’s DII (USDA Phase I awarded), and DII™-based research services.


Chronic inflammation lies at the heart of virtually all chronic diseases  that cause the majority of disability and death in the U.S., including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, costing our healthcare system an estimated $500 billion+ per year. For example:

  • Diabetes: 245 billion/year in healthcare costs
  • Obesity: $190 billion/year in healthcare costs
  • Cancer: $125 billion/year in healthcare costs

…And these figures do not include complications, which are very expensive [if impossible] to treat!

Inflammation-related conditions cause great physical disability, suffering, and pain. Research has shown, however, that many of these conditions are largely preventable or mitigated through adopting a less inflammatory diet. CHI recognizes that if we, along with our partners, can reduce the incidents of inflammation-related conditions, the savings to overall health costs, both public and private, would be enormous!